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Available Services


Subscription - Software

as a service Clappes Portal

Subscription-based model and customizable to your needs

On-Premise - your very

own Clappes Engine

Enterprise-grade Clappes

Engine - take full control!

White label: Now you

can have your very own "Label" or "Brand"!

Wow! Now you can really

impress your clients

We do all the nitty-gritty stuff in software engineering


You just focus on your requirements and use Clappes to bring your App to fruition.








Our Core Skills


DB & Apps Migration and Development


Turnkey Software Development


Community Portal:

These are free Apps that you can use on a "as-it-is" basis without any support


This is a place for you to try our sample applications on the Clappes Platform.


We encourage you to browse and learn from here - eventually motivated to contribute here with your own ideal Apps.


Subscription-based model (SaaS) This is a paid subscription-based usage model


Here you get your customised portal with your very own personalised database.


You can add,change,modify your database and Apps - we are responsible to provide you with the cloud-based Clappes Engine.


Now you can run your Apps and get paid for your Design without the hassle of finding a cloud-service provider.


On-Premise Clappes Engine:

Your very own engine hosted at your site.


Be it Server, PC or Notebooks - up to you. You may host multiple Applications depending on the licensing SLA.


Now you have full control.



Put in your own Label


Give it your very own "Label" - why re-invent the wheel - start selling Apps that you can support with your very own Engine!


Having your own private label enhances your Corporate image.


We welcome any interested investors who would like to be involved in our scaling up our technology to the World with some equity in returns.


Do write us an email indicating your interests to


The Management Team


Clappes Corporate HQ


71 Ubi Road 1, #09-45

Oxley BizHub 1, Singapore 408732


 (65) 6841-8807 |  (65) 6841-2712




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